Batch 34 – Laguntias Maximus clone (updated)

March 2016

I get a lot of hits on this post, even from abroad, and I thought I’d translate it from Swedish to English.

This was a bad brew session during which I managed to spill wort on the floor, failed to make the 90 minute hop addition, and blew the lid on the fermentation bucket during primary. Totally unprofessional.

As I concluded in April, this brew was “not cloned” at all. It was a mediocre IPA that was enjoyable at first but then not so much. I actually emptied the last 9 bottles in the sink back in June.

However, the failure cannot be blamed on the recipe which comes from Lagunitas via The Brewing Network, so I would not discourage anyone to give it a go. I probably will. Some day.



I’m aware that this is neither sexy nor PC but here it is: Lagunitas is one of my favorite breweries. I really admire their core product line with a pale ale, an IPA and a double IPA. It is logical, consistent, somewhat normative and very delicious. And accordingly, I am not ashamed to say that Maximus is one of my absolute favorite beers. When I raid one of Stockholm’s liqour stores for exiting craft beer news I regularly slip a couple of bottles of New Dog town, IPA or Maximus into my cart since I often end up pouring the experiments into my sink and want something reliable to fall back on. And Lagunitas’ core product line is reliable. And available.

I’ve been chasing Lagunitas recipes online and gotten the impression that the company has a very efficient security service. It has been very hard to get hold of genuine recipes. But when I started listening to The Jamil Show at TBN it turned out that brewmaster Jeremy had been sharing both recipes and brewery advice in several pod episodes. And furthermore, it turned out that someone had taken the time and made the effort to write down those recipes in a convenient little database. So here is here is the recipe that I have tweeked to match my inventory:

11,5 liters; OG 1,081/FG 1,019; 19 EBC; 100+ IBU; 8,2 ABV

21,5 liters of Troxhammar American Alev water (CA 100, Mg 4, Na 11, SO4 200, Cl 30, HCO3 50)

2,61 kg Pilsner malt
0,97 kg Maris Otter
0,69 kg wheat malt
0,17 kg Munich
0,14 kg C60L

Mash with 13 liters @ 71 degrees C, sparge with 8,5 liter 77 at degrees. Preboil volume 15,4 liters @ SG 1,062. 90 minute boil.

Hop schedule:
15 g EKG @ 90
5 g Warrior @ 90
15 g EKG @ 45
10 g Cascade @ 45
10 g Centennial @ 45
10 g Northern Brewer @ 45
20 g Cascade @ 20
Protofloc @ 15

Pitch Lallemand Nottingham yeast @ 16 grader och ramp up to 18. Ramp up to 20 grader after 2/3 attenuation. Lower to 18 degrees after 2 days and dry hop:

12 g Cascade
12 g Centennial
12 g Simcoe

IMG_0859 IMG_0860 IMG_0863 IMG_0865 IMG_0866 IMG_0867 IMG_0875 IMG_0881 IMG_0887 IMG_0888 IMG_0889 IMG_0890 IMG_2799 IMG_2800 IMG_2817

I messed up terribly during this brew session and I hate messing up. I failed to add the 90 minute hop addition (!!!) and had to add it @ 45, boiled too slowly and missed the OG, and forgot to check OG before pitching the yeast. There will be beer at the end but I will not have any possibility to evaluate the recipe. Worthless. The sloppiness is an effect of a growing feeling of comfort regarding my brewing process, which in turn is an indicator of the importance of check lists. Utterly unprofessional. I think its about time to go German.



Well, it certainly is no Maximus clone, and I do not think lagering will make it into one. But its a fair IPA that I might enjoy. It looks good and it smells of tropical fruits.




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