My current brewhouse

My first brewhouse was a clone of the 10 liter/2,5 gallon setup that Henok Fentie (of Omnipollo) presented in his book Brygg öl (or Brew beer in English) when I started this journey in 2013:

355124_980Photo by Carl Kleiner

Since then I have upgraded in small increments.

As some of you may know, Humlegården has had a generation 1, 10 gallon Blichmann BoilerMaker on display and for sale for a while in their physical store in Sollentuna. The other day I took a chance and asked if they’d consider cutting the price a bit and finally get it sold. And they did. So my current brewhouse is suddenly a three vessel 10 gallon system:


Well, it essentially was a 10 gallon system before I introduced the BoilerMaker, but the HLT was a plain 5 gallon pot (my BK from the 2,5 gallon system) without thermometer or ball valve which made brewing unnecessary complicated.

Thus, the new 10 gallon boiler maker will serve as a dedicated hot liqour tank (HLT), the 10 gallon cooler is (of course) the mash/lauter tun (MLT), and the 50 liter/13 gallon pot serves as boil kettle (BK). With this setup I can produce beer that ferments in one 16 gallon fermentation bucket or two 6 gallon BetterBottles to fill two 5 gallon Cornelius  kegs.

But I can also, and probably will most of the time, brew 5 gallon batches by using the Blichmann both as HLT and BK. That way I will heat the strike and sparge water separately while I batch sparge (I always do) in the MLT and then use the Blichmann as boil kettle. Perfect.

My boil method today is to use hop cones during the boil, drain them with a Bazooka screen in the BK to be able to chill with a Chugger pump a plate chiller without getting stuck. When using the BoilerMaker as a BK I’m thinking about getting a Blichmann HopBlocker to be able to utilize the nice dip tube.

I think the Blichmann BoilerMaker is more suitable as HLT than BK since it has the thermometer and the level indicator. I don’t really see the use of a thermometer on a boil kettle. However, it would be useful in the MLT, so my next project is to install one.


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