Batch 102 – Easy Peasy Pilsner

Besides the IPA and the wheat I’m fermenting, I’d like a pilser for the latter part of the summer. I was gonna do the popular fast lager thing but since I have two ales in the fermentetion chamber I just decided to go with a California Lager yeast and ferment it at 19 degrees together with the two other beers.

I dedicate this beer to (and borrow the name of it from) Steve and James at Basic BrewingBasic Brewing, two guys who are – as they say – pretty goofy but who inform their audience about homebrewing and related stuff in a most unpretentious and relaxed way. I met them at this year’s Homebrew Con in Minneapolis and had a great time with them. Like most other homebrewers at this level, they’re warm, welcoming, humble and generous. Listen to their podcast or view their videos at


Style: 5D German Pils. 23 liters. OG 1,048/ FG (est.) 1,011, 35 IBU, 7 EBC, 4,9 % ABV.

80% Pilsner malt
10 % Munich
10 % CaraPils

Mash at 67 degrees for 60 minutes. Collect 28 liters of wort with a pre-boil gravity of 1,041. Boil for 90 minutes and add

10 g/6 IBUs of Amarillo 22 minutes
10 g/7 IBUs of Simcoe at 22 minutes
Protofloc and yeast nutrient at 15 minutes
15 g/4,4 IBUs of Amarillo at 7 minutes
15 g/5,2 IBUs of Simcoe at 7 minutes
15 g/5,6 IBUs of Amarillo at FO for a 20 minute WP
15 g/6,5 IBUs of Simcoe at FO for a 20 minute WP

Chill to 18 degrees and pitch Mangrove Jack’s #54 California Lager. Ferment with a diacetyl rest.

Package and carbonate

Brewday (4th of July!!!) pics:

I’m really appreciating my fixed thermometers that let me control my strike water temperature (I use my Blichmann BoilerMaker as HLT exclusively), my mash temp (the 10 gallon Igloo cooler doesn’t loose a single point during a 60 minute mash) and my pitching temp (post-plate chiller).

I have an IPA and an American wheat dryhopping in my fermentation chamber so I decided to use a California Lager yeast strain to maintain ale temperatures. I don’t think that I knew there was a dry version of that strain, but that’s great news, both for us who love steam beer and for us who can fathom making lagers in the most easy way possible.

My post-brewday beer was a fine IPA from 21st Ammendment that I hauled all the way from Minnesota to Sweden a few weeks ago. Great stuff.


July 20. Kegging.

This beauty fermented down to FG 1,003. It is absolutely crystal clear with a very clean taste and a nice bitterness.

I’m really looking forward to trying it in carbonated condition. And that’ll be soon I hope because this time I apply Brülosophy’s Burst Carbonation method. Thus, I set the beer under 40 PSI preassure for 36 hours and then lower it to serving preassure for another few days.


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