Batch 111 – Anchor Porter Clone-ish

Time for a Christmas beer, but there’s som much good stuff available at Systembolaget and I don’t like spiced beers too much, at least not enough to brew 5 gallons of it.

So I’m brewing a favorite style with inspiration from a favourite example of that style from a favourite brewery: Anchor Porter from Anchor Brewing Co. My alterations: I add some flaked oats for the mouthfeel, substitute Nortporter-biohern Brewer for Cascade, and use English dry yeast instead of Anchor’s house yeast (White Labs’ California Ale V or Wyeast’s American Ale II). I believe Anchor Porter can be a little too fruity sometimes.

This is half of a regular 5 gallon batch.

Style: 20 A Amerian Porter (I think), OG 1,070/ FG 1,015(est.), 40 IBU, 99 EBC, 7,3 % ABV.

70 % Pale ale malt
10 % Caramunich I/C40L
10 % flaked oats
5 % Carafa III
5 % Chocolate malt

Mash with the brewing water of your choice (I’m using my tap water/Western Stockholm: Ca 23, Mg 3,7, Na 10,5, So4 38, 13, HCO3 50 ) at 67 degrees C for 60 minutes or full conversion. Drain, sparge and collect 13 liters of wort with a pre-boil gravity of 1,053.

(I was a couple of GU off the pre-boil gravity mark so I decided to add Muscovado sugar at the end of the boil to compensate)

Boil for 60 minutes and add:
10 g/19,3 IBUs of Cascade (6,2 % AA) @ 60 minutes before FO
10 g/9,9 IBUs of Cascade (6,2 % AA) @ 30 minutes before FO
10 g/6,5 IBUs of Cascade (6,2 % AA) @ 20 minutes before FO
Yeast nutrient @ 15 min
Protofloc @ 15 min
10 g/3,9 IBUs of Cascade (6,2 % AA) @ 10 minutes before FO
5 g/1,6 IBUs of Cascade (6,2 % AA) @ 5 minutes before FO

Chill to 18 degrees C, transfer to fermenter and pitch the yeast. Ferment at 19 degrees for 4 days. Raise the temp to 22 degrees and hold for three more days.

After seven days, at final gravity, package and carbonate.

I departed from Anchor’s compressed fermentation regime and let the beer sit in my home office (22 degrees) from day 4 to 14.


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