Batch 113 – SMASH 2 Amarillo Pale Ale

Following up on Batch 110 – which is my go-to kegged beer at the moment – and eventually replacing it as my house ale, I’m brewing another single malt/single hop beer. I’m not sure what style this is as it falls right between an American pale ale and an American IPA (I see now that the specs are fairly close to Lagunitas New Dogtown Pale Ale…).

Based on my lessons from the previous SMASH batch I’m going with a clean, neutral yeast this time to really let the hops take first place. However, I also have a new house base malt – Golden Promise – which is might provide a maltiness that interferes, or interplays, with the Amarillo hops. Finally, this isn’t actually a SMASH beer since I chose to use a cleaner, more neutral hop variety instead of Amarillo for bittering.

Well, well.



Style: 22 C Amerian Pale Ale, OG 1,060/ FG 1,011 (est.), 50 IBU, 10 EBC, 6,5 % ABV.

100 % Golden Promise pale malt

Mash with the brewing water of your choice (I’m using my “teaspoon IPA-water: Ca 118, Mg 4, Na 10, So4 260, Cl 12 which means i add a couple of grams of Gypsum to the mash given my local Stockholm water) at 67 degrees C for 60 minutes or full conversion. Drain, sparge and collect 13,5 liters of wort with a pre-boil gravity of 1,075.

Boil for 90 minutes and add:
24 IBUs of Magnum @ 60 minutes before FO
20 g/13,3 IBUs of Amarillo @ 20 min
Yeast nutrient @ 15 min
Protofloc @ 15 min
20 g/7,9 IBUs of Amarillo @ 10 min
20 g/6,6 IBUs of Amarillo @ 5 min
20 g/0 IBUs of Amarillo @ FO for a 20 min hopstand/whirlpool below 80 degrees C.

Chill to 18 degrees C, transfer to fermente and pitch California Ale yeast. Ferment at 19 degrees for 7 days.

Raise the temp to 22 degrees and add:
20 g of Amarillo for three days of dryhopping

Cold crash, package and carbonate.





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