The Actual Batch 110 – SMASH 1 – Anchor Liberty Clone

I never brewed Ugly Little Sister. I changed my mind (or, rather, discovered that I didn’t have the required ingredients at home) at the last minute and decided to make a single malt/single hop (SMASH) beer, something I’ve never done before.

I took my stance in one the world’s best known SMASH-beer, although I doubt that people know that it is brewed with only one malt and only one hop variety: the classic Liberty Ale from Anchor Brewing Co which can be considered as the benchmark American IPA. liberty_ale_bio_can

Given “the last minute” I didn’t have the appropriate yeast (White Labs’ California Ale V or Wyeast’s American Ale II) at hand, so I substituted it with Danstar Nottingham which I believe is closer to the real deal than the cleaner US-05 (only dry yeast these days).

Style: 21 A Amerian IPA, , OG 1,059/ FG 1,011 (est.), 48 IBU, 11 EBC, 5,9 % ABV.

100 % Pale ale malt

Mash with the brewing water of your choice (I’m using my “teaspoon IPA-water: Ca 118, Mg 4, Na 10, So4 260, Cl 12 which means i add a couple of grams of Gypsum to the mash given my local Stockholm water) at 67 degrees C for 60 minutes or full conversion. Drain, sparge and collect 27 liters of wort with a pre-boil gravity of 1,052.

Boil for 90 minutes and add:
25 g/22,3 IBUs of Cascade (6,6 % AA) @ 60 minutes before FO
25 g/20 IBUs of Cascade (6,6 % AA) @ 45 minutes before FO
Protofloc and yeast nutrient at 15 minutes before FO
Yeast nutrient @ 15 min
Protofloc @ 15 min
30 g/3,7 IBUs of Cascade (6,6 % AA) @ FO for a 10 minute WP/hopstandd

Chill to 18 degrees C, transfer to fermente and pitch the yeast. Ferment at 19 degrees for 4 days.

Raise the temp to 22 degrees and add:
28 g of Cascade for three days of dryhopping

After seven days, at final gravity, package and carbonate.

This recipe is from the December 2014 issue (Vol 20:8) of Brew Your Own Magazine.

I was surprised by the relatively short time in the fermenter (ony one week) but as a matter of fact, when I tried the beer after one additional week och force carbonation in hte keg, it was ready for drinking! So why can’t I do this with every straight ale that I brew???

The Nottingham yeast is not perfect for a Liberty Ale clone. That particular beer requires it’s yeast, and perhaps also open fermentation, but that’s not something I’m getting in to. Yet.

Lesson for the next SMASH (trying another hop): use a really clean yeast (Cal Ale).




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