Batch 115 – A small saison

This is my favourite way of brewing – having nothing planned, with some extra time to spare, and realizing that I have the ingredients and know how and time to make about any type of beer that I please, at this instance. This happened last Sunday, and my choice of style was the fact that I had some pre-crushed pilsner and wheat laying around (I almost always crush my own grain), a freeezer packed with various types of hops, and I was sure that I had some dry saison yeast in one of the fridges. So I decided to brew a small, simple, dry hopped saison in my kitchen.

Klövsjö, the most beautiful village in Sweden

Style: Saison. OG 1,056/FG 1,005 (est.), 26 IBU, 6,8 EBC. 10 liters.

79,9 %  Pilsner malt
10,9 % Wheat Malt
9,1 % Cane Sugar (post boil)

Mash with the brewing water of your choice  at 65 degrees C for 60-90 minutes for full conversion. Drain, sparge and collect 16 liters of wort with a pre-boil gravity of 1,039 (without the sugar).

Boil for 90 minutes and add:
26,3 IBUs of Magnum @ 60 min before FO
Yeast nutrient @ 15 min before FO

Chill to 20 degrees C or slightly below room temperature, transfer to fermenter, add the sugar and pitch some rehydrated Fermentis SafAle BE-134 Belgian Saison. Ferment at room temperature or above for 7 days. I will move the fermenter to my fermentation chamber after a few days to ramp up the temperature to about 26-28 degrees for full attenuation.

After 7 days, dry hopp with
28 g of Cascade for 7 days
28 g of Citra for 7 days.

Package and carbonate, preferably in champagne bottles.







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