Batch 116 – Shurly Belgian

At this year’s National HomebrewCon in Minneapolis, the founder of Minneapolis based Surly Brewing Co. – the extremely likable Omar Ansari – gave the keynote adress. It was inspiring. During the time it took him to empty a pitcher of the conference’s comemorative beer Whalezbrah! (a dark, funky, Belgian/American crossover brewed by Surly) he told the story about his business and made a compelling argument for fighting Big Beer adn their fight against the craft brewing industry.

My first order of business the following day was to locate a liqour store that sold Surly beer and stack up for the plane ride home. Fortunately, the bar in my hotel served the amazing Furious IPA, one of hte best reds I’ve ever tasted.


I’m not cloning that beer today, but in the same spirit as I brewed my last batch – on a whim and because I can – I started out by choosing one of the dry yeast I had in store: Lallemand Abbaye. Never tried that before and it’s been a while since I brewed something Belgian-ish, besides a bunch of saisons. So when I had picked the yeast I rememered trying the amazing Troubadour Magma, which is described as a Tripel (not triple) Belgian IPA last year. The I googled Belgian IPA and found a nice hop regimen that was said to work well with the Belgian yeast character. However, the malt bill was a bit bleak so then I came to think about Surly’s Furious and ripped it’s malt bill. And here is the resulting concoction.

Style: 21 B Belgian IPA, OG 1,066/ FG 1,015 (est.), 66 IBU, 32 EBC, 6,7 % ABV. 10 liters.

88 % Golden Promise pale malt
6 % Caramünich II (~ 60L)
5 % Vienna malt
1 % Rosated Barley

Mash with the brewing water of your choice (I’m using my “teaspoon IPA-water: Ca 118, Mg 4, Na 10, So4 260, Cl 12 which means i add a couple of grams of Gypsum to the mash given my local Stockholm water) at 65 degrees C for 60 – 90 minutes to attain full conversion. Drain, sparge and collect 14,5 liters of wort with a pre-boil gravity of 1,052.

Boil for 60 minutes and add:
42,4 IBUs of Magnum at 60 min before FO
Protofloc at 15 min before FO
Yeast nutrient at 15 min before FO
15,3 IBUs of Amarillo at 15 min before FO
8,6 IBUs of Northern Brewer at 15 min before FO
14 g of Amarillo at FO for a 20-30 minute hopstand below 80 degrees for 0 IBUs
14 g of Northern Brewer at FO for a 20-30 minute hopstand below 80 degrees for 0 IBUs

Chill to 18 degrees C, transfer to fermente and pitch rehydrated Lallemand Abbaye yeast. Ferment at 20 degrees for 7 days. Raise to 22 degrees and add:

14 g of Amarillo
14 g of Northern Brewer

and dryhop for five days.

Cold crash, package and carbonate fairly high, perhaps at 3 volumes of CO2 for the style.


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