Batch 120 – The Bohemian

After 11 straight days of work I have tomorrow – Friday – off. I’m gonna brew a pilsner.

My last attempt got messed up due to some inadequate handling of the yeast. So this time I wanna redo that test, which is actually a test of Mangrove Jack’s California Ale yeast that doesn’t require 10 degrees C.

I’ve got milled pilsner malt and Saazla-bohc3a8me at home so a Bohemian Pilsner is the target. I’ll depart from Jamil Zainasheff’s guide and recipe (Can be found in Brewing Classic Style and in this Brew Your Own article).


Style – Bohemian Pilsner
OG/FG 52/12
IBU 40
ABV 5,3 %
Vol 21 L


5,09 kg (94,1 %) Pilsner malt
0,32 kg (5,9 %) Carapils

60 min @ 67 degrees C for 28 liters of wort @ SG 1,044


90 minutes

18,4 g/30 IBU Magnum for 60 min
57 g/8,4 IBU Saaz for 30 min
28 g/1,6 IBU Saaz for 10 min
28 g/0 IBU Simcoe for 0 min

Chill to 18 degrees C.


Mangrove Jack’s #54 California Lager

Start fermentation at 18 degrees and let it rise slowly to 20 degrees over four to five days and hold for about 10 days more.

Packaging & Carbonation

According to preference.


After about a week in the fermentation chamber the gravity had dropped to 1,012. At that point I took the bucket indoors, at about 22 degrees, to make room for Batch 121. Now, after a few days more, the gravity is its target 1,011 with a very clean taste and aroma. Now I’ll place it in my shed where I hold around 10 degrees during the winter = lagering temp.



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