Batch 121 – The Kraut (a German Pils)


After brewing a Czech or Bavarian Pilsner (Batch 120) I decided to brew a number of lager styles, just to get them under my belt really. And to see if I can. And to taste them.

So my follow-up was a German Pilsner, rather similar to by Bavarian one. This also follows Jamil Zainasheff’s Brewing Classic Styles albeit with some slight adaptations. Also, I’m using a “proper” lager yeast this time, not the California version.

Further on I’ll brew a Helles and a Dortmunder, and then we’ll see if I move on into the dark lager domain.

Recipe – The Germ

I’ve balanced the beer according to this BeerSmith screenshot to achieve a slightly higher bitterness which I like in a German Pils:


Style – German Pilsner
OG/FG 48/10
IBU 35
ABV 4,9 %
Vol 21 L


5,44 kg (100 %) Pilsner malt

90 min @ 65 degrees C for 25 liters of wort @ SG 1,048


90 minutes

19 g/31 IBU Magnum for 60 min
27 g/2,9 IBU Hersbrucker for 15 min
27 g/1,8 IBU Hersbrucker for 1 min

Chill to 15 degrees C.


SafLager West European Lager S-23

Start fermentation at 15 degrees and let it rise slowly to 20 degrees over time. For more information on this unorthodox fermentation profile, I refer to Tasty McDole and the guys at Brülosophy.

Packaging & Carbonation

According to preference.


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