Batch 122 – A tall, dark, Belgian stranger

Haier, Joseph, 1816-1891; Monks in a Cellar

This beer is my own creation. I kanda know what I’m after but I’m not sure how to make it. I want a bold dark beer that combines Belgian tradition with American innovation, and I’m sure that I have had a beer like this but I cannot recall what it was, nor can I find a recipe that resembles what I’m after. So I write it from scratch by myself.

I gues you could say that its a hoppy dark strong Belgian, or a Belgo-American barley wine. To get the GU/bitterness balance use the American barley wine as my style reference and add Belgian attributes. Also, I don’t want a monster beer in terms of alcohol so I’m making it rather small within the style.




Style – Belgain Barley Wine (American Barley Wine / Belgian Dark Strong Ale)
OG/FG 80/11
IBU 50
ABV 9,2 %
Vol 21 L


6,03 kg (69,9 %) Pilsner malt
1,29 kg (15 %) Munich malt
0,26 kg (3 %) Special B
0,13 kg (1,5 %) Chocolate malt
0,04 kg (0,5 %) Roasted barley

and 0,87 kg (10,1 %) Dark Candi Sugar in the boil

90 min @ 65 degrees C for 25 liters of wort @ SG 1,080


90 minutes

14,4 g/24,9 IBU Columbus for 60 min
28,8 g/16,8 IBU Columbus for 20 min
0,87 kg (10,1 %) Dark Candi Sugar for 5 min
28,8 g/8,3 IBU Columbus for 1 min

Chill to 19 degrees C.


Nottingham Dry English yeast
SafBrew Specialty Ale T-58

Start fermentation at 19 and let it rise slowly to 22 degrees over time. Dry hop with:

50 g Columbus for 5 days

Packaging & Carbonation

Bottle and prime for 2,5 volumes of CO2 or more.



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