Batch 124 – Trox Saison Vieille Provision


Not sure how I ended up with this recipe. I wanted to brew a very traditional and simple saison (my favourite style right now) and when I googled around I went from Saison Dupont to Saison Vieille Provision and ended up at Zebulon Artisan Ales, a small brewery that appears to be right up my alley (they appear to brew beers that really make s**t happen in your mouth), and their Saison Vieille Provision (for Gene Wilder) – what a great name! – which is a barrel aged, bretted Super Saison. Quite far off from “a very traditional and simple saison”. That’s how my brain is wired.

This will take more than four months to make, but I think it will be a great summer beer so I can wait. Ready for Midsummer, perhaps?


Style – Super Saison
OG/FG 65/05
IBU 36
ABV 7,9 %
Vol 21 L


5,59 kg (90 %) Pilsner malt

90 min @ 65 degrees C for 26 liters of wort @ SG 1,046


90 minutes

11,8 g/19,5 IBU Magnus for 60 min
40 g/10,4 IBU East Kent Golding for 20 min
40 g/6,2 IBU East Kent Golding for 10
40 g/10,4 IBU East Kent Golding for 20 min

Chill to 80 degrees C

80 g East Kent Golding for 30 min hopstand

Chill to 20 degrees C and add

0,62 kg (10 %) sugar


Lallmand Belle Saison

Start fermentation at 20 degrees and rise to 27 degrees och 7 days, and hold for 7 days. Transfer to secondary and add

WLP650 Brettanomyces Bruxellensis
20 cubes of French Oak Cubes, medium roast

and ferment for 2 months.

Package and Carbonate

Bottle and prime for 3 volumes of CO2 or more (tricky with the Brett, I’ve heard, but I’ll figure it out before that) and condition for 2 months.


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