Batch 126 – A Slighly Hazy Pale Ale



Inspired by Trillium’s Fort Point Pale Ale, a beer that I have never tasted but that I read about in a recent member newsletter from AHA. It sounded so good and so easy that I had to give it a try. I also like that it uses Columbus hops. Almost old school these days, but when I used it myself recently I was struck by how modern (like El Dorado, Mosaic…) it smells. This is not the exact clone recipe from AHA


Style – American Pale Ale
OG/FG 58/08
IBU 50
ABV 6,5 %
Vol 21 L


5,15 kg (78,7 %) Pilsner malt
0,83 kg (12,6 %) Wheat malt
0,41 kg (6,3 %) CaraPils
0,15 kg (2,3 %) Caramalt

90 min @ 65 degrees C for 27 liters of wort @ SG 1,052


60 minutes

5 g/9,4 IBU Columbus for 60 min
25 g/9,4 IBU Columbus for 10 min

Chill to just below 80 degrees C.

55 g/0 IBU Columbus 30 min hopstand

Chill to 20 degrees C.


Yeast Bay Vermont Ale

Ferment at 20 degrees. After five days dy hop with:
110 g Citra for 5 days
28 g Columbus for 5 days

Packaging & Carbonation

I will keg this one and force carbonate it for 2,5 volumes of CO2 at 6 degrees C for about a week.



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