Chris Stapleton


Sometimes I stumble upon some marvelous music from an artist that I didn’t know about. It doesn’t happen often but when it does I feel alive and grateful that life can bring such experiences after so many years.

I recently discovered Chris Stapleton who’s been a songwriter for people like ccc for a long time but who got his own career as an artist rolling last year if I understand things correctly. Even though he fronted the bluegrass group The Steeldrivers for a couple of years it was his two recent albums From A Room I and II (both released last year) that got things rolling. The’re really strong albums, as is his debut Traveler from 2015. Find them on Spotify.

Besides being able to write fantastic songs, this guy also sings like a god – bluegrass, country, blues and soul. In short – he is a great carrier of the American music tradition. And he has a fantastic, expressive voice. To illustrate this, take a listen to this song, which is far bettter in this live version than in the studio recording from 2013.


Looking forward to some great years with this guy.




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