Batch 127 – English IPA


I recently visited London. There’s lots to say about that but for the purpose of this blog I will simply mention that that I tr5ied some IPAs at a few pubs around the city. Often for lunch. These beers were nothing like the American IPAs that dominate the Swedish beer scene at the moment. Which could be expected of course. These beers were only around 5 % ABV but really malty and full of flavor and with a lovely, rich mouthfeel (from the cask conditioning?). I really liked these beer, probably more than I like West Coast IPAs, actually.

So I had to brew one as soon as I got home. However, Brewing Classic Styles and BJCP suggest that 5% is almost out of range for the style (at the lower end).

I brewed this as a 5 liter batch and scaled it to 20 liters below in BeerSmith.


Style – English IPA
OG 53/FG 11
IBU 43
ABV 5,5 %
Vol 21 L


5,36 kg (97,4 %) Golden Promise Pale Malt
0,15 kg (2,6 %) Crystal 150 (170 EBC)

Burton-on-Trent-style water profile:  Ca 300 | Mg 54 | Na 64 | SO4 722 | Cl 22 | HCO3 296.

No sparge mash (all the water at once, nice method at 5 liters) for 60 min @ 67 degrees C for 28 liters of wort @ SG 1,045.


90 minutes

95 g/29 IBU Fuggle for 22 min
95 g/14,4 IBU Fuggle for 7 min

Chill to 20 degrees C.


Pitch SafAle S-04.

Ferment at 19 degrees until finished.

Packaging & Carbonation

I will bottle condition this beer and prime with table sugar, 6 g/liter for 2,5 volumes of CO2.



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