Batch 131 – Fortunate Islands (Modern Times) Clone


Modern Times is a great brewery that makes great beers. We don’t get them much here in Sweden. We used to, a few years ago, for instance the wonderful Blazing World (red and dank hoppy), and the lovely Fortunate Islands.

Fortunate Islands tastes like one of those Carribean songs by Zac Brown Band. Like The Island Song (no official video) or Jump right in:

As I understand it, The Mad Fermentationist Michael Tonsmeire had part in developing this beer, and I think this recipe was one of the trials. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

I do three small alterations: I use pilsner malt instead of two-row pale ale; I don’t have access to hopshots so I use Magnum for a 60 minute bittering addition; I do double dry-hopping since I cannot hop-back. Hope this turnes out nicely.


Style – American Wheat
OG 48/FG 11
IBU 45
ABV 4,8 %
Vol 21 L


2,59 kg (54,8 %) Wheat malt
1,80 kg (38,1 %) Pilsner malt
0,34 kg (7,1 %) Caravienne

60 min @ 67 degrees C for 26 liters of wort @ SG 1,040


60 minutes

13,2 g/23,7 IBU Magnum for 60 min
Flame out
48,5 g/15,6 IBU Citra for 10 minute hopstand
24,2 g/5,9 IBU Amarillo for 10 minute hopstand

Chill to 80 dergrees C

48,5 g Citra for 30 minute hopstand
24,2 g Amarillo for 30 minute hopstand

Chill to 19 degrees C.


Pitch US-05 or other Cal Ale yeast.

Ferment at 19 degrees. After reaching terminal gravity, dry hop with:
80 g Citra for 6 days
25 g Amarillo for 6 days
80 g Citra for 3 days
25 g Amarillo for 3 days

Packaging & Carbonation

I think I will bottle condition this one, being a wheat beer and all, and carbonate it for 2,5 volumes of CO2, i.e. 6 g table sugar per liter.





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